New Year, New Site!


New year, new me? Maybe. New year, new site? Definitely.

What is this stuff made of?

The last version of my portfolio was made in 2015, on Angular 1, before I was working full time. At the time I tried to venture beyond static HTML and basic PHP. So I figured with the new site I would try again to challenge myself. New technology is a fun brainteaser, so I took a shot at a static website generator.

I tried a snazzy 'one click deploy to Netlify' repository: Netlify CMS + React Starter, as a way to get familiar with React and Netlify CMS, and I ended up really liking it! For simple websites that just need end-user text editing capabilities, I think ACF + WordPress has been dethroned. A post on this will come in the future.

My year ahead

I completed a Brainstation course in Dec 2018. I'm not shilling; the money was definitely worth it. The user experience course, taught by Gerard Dolan and David Aboutboul, really nailed down the fundamentals of what UX is and how to do it well. I'm excited to bring about change in my professional and personal endeavors to hone my craft.

I've wanted to make a blog for a while, and I have much to talk about. It's a way for me to learn, and practice my writing. And if I could help people out with what I know that's great too! It's also an on going experiment: I'll be monitoring heat maps to find out what works and what doesn't on this site. Expect some cool posts on that too!

I hope you'll have a great year ahead, person reading this!

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst.